2023 Lunar Seasonal Diary

2023 Lunar Seasonal Diary

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Southern hemisphere

Your most powerful annual magical companion is here…

The 2023 Lunar and Seasonal Diary empowers you to be at your best all year round. Inside you will find seasonal and Lunar timings and their impacts and clear explanations of the cyclic energies of the earth to help you get the most out of your 365 days around the sun!

This stunning diary now in it’s 14th year, brings flowful Magic to every single day and includes:

  • Authentic original spells, indications, and rituals to create abundant mental, spiritual and physical success.
  • Southern hemisphere Luna timings for full dark and new moons and seasonal festivals.
  • Beautiful practical Magic, for the seasonal will including solstices and equinoxes
  • Astrological correspondences for key moon phases.
  • A monthly intention section so you can focus on your year with strong intent.
  • Mythos on wisdom from the ancient gods and goddesses for each month.
  • Guidance on spellcasting, working with Crystals and unlocking your personal power is a pagan way.
  • Space for your own notes and journaling.

Deep in your spiritual connection, improve your health and vitality, and enjoy the pleasure of casting reel magic with the moon, the tides, the earth and the seasons.

Stacey Demarco.